The Journey of a couple of budding Pick Up Artists

Sunday, August 27, 2006


From the previous post, I can see a few things in my PU that needs to be refined. I am usually doing step one really well. I will forget about picking up and build social proof as a rule. If there is a hot girl around, FORGET ABOUT HER - establish social proof! You sarging her and not knowing anyone else is weak. You are essentially cornering her and you are leaving a massive blank in your PU "insurance". You have nothing to fall back onto, you have no sense of value. You are just some dude. Talk to others, ignore your target, make lots of noice, be the life of the party, be the origin of a good vibe. Only when you have gained enough momentum this way that you can start homing into your target.

I do keep everything on an emotional, connecting level platonically. This is probably going to set you up as a unique person. This is usually where I try to sarge, I have momentum, I am on a roll, I am full of fun, playful energy - this can only infact your target. Fluff talk became a bigger part of my sarge because I can get more out of it - I've developed a habit of testing a girl out, her character, her personality, attitude AND her interest level. At the same time, I would vibe her - assume rapport, assume attraction, play, push-pull, bodylanguage/tonality/tempo/EC, all that good stuff. I will try to keep the topic on the emotional side. Occationally, I fall back onto asking her questions but I will not let myself get into question trains, only 1 question interspersed in between statements. This is the establishment of a social interaction. They like me, I like them, we enjoy the conversation and then, perhaps a little bit more. It takes perhaps 40 minutes for me to get to this stage.

Often, things die a bit here and this is my problem. Kinda get stuck here. Sarging from this stage onward is challenging for me. I have been playing little tests where I pull back a little bit and it usually works. I am a little uncomfortable with this because I do not know how to control pulling back - You fear that if you turn your back on them, they will just think you are boring. You don't know how much to pull back, and how to encourage her to talk more.

This is the trick. Make it her effort. make it an enjoyable effort for her. There are more question in my mind - how can I be silent without making it too awkward and uncomfortable? I have a theory: When someone is uncomfortable in a situation and feel like they want to spark it, they will throw something (some information about themselves) out. Perhaps get them to do that and stick to that topic? OHHHHH, LISTEN! You've got to listen, I am still not a good listener and tend to not pick things cues up as much as I should. Read between the lines.

Also, I need to know about all the doorways into people's hearts, and how to get there. Right now, I am very limited in my techniques. All I know is to make a connection and get into their hearts. I am losing sight of what I am doing, what I am trying to achieve. Therefore I have no goal in mind. This is bad.

I do no isolation at all. I don't SOI. I think these are the areas I need to pay attention to. What I've got is only a very early part of the sarge, no SOI, no isolation, no escalation, no heavy kino. There is much to be done. But thats ok, I am spinning web, and practicing opening. There is a lot of things to be learnt already, however, when the opportunity arise, I must be aware of these things.


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