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Sunday, August 27, 2006

On the last post

The four energies of dominating leader, innocent playfulness, Insightful wisdom and Sincerity is quite interesting. I have been practicing and getting pretty good at the innocent playfulness energy while the others are a bit out of hand for me. I think I am doing ok well, but not overwhelmingly well.

It is interesting how these energies are really powerful and you KNOW how it works. I have been big on playfulness recently. If you've read my previous posts, I have been constantly preaching on how you need to be playful and get her to be the little kid. It took me some time to discover this, understand it and be able to describe it to others.

I want to play with Sincerity a bit more. But this one is difficult because none of us can be perfectly honest all the time. What is sincerity? what are the boundries? what constitute it and can you create an illution of it? i.e., fake sincerity?

I am generally pretty sincere but I grew to be more protective and hide my emotions. This isn't really sincere, is it? Also, I have been practicing charming. Althought it have been very built in and natural, as much as I try to genuinely see others point of view, it is mirroring afterall. My charming trait IS nothing but mirroring. Is this insincere?


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