The Journey of a couple of budding Pick Up Artists

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Reviewing my work

Hmmmm, The previous post got me thinking. What I have been working on so far have been DHV (demonstration of high value). The immediate values being able to connect with her, pleasures and social proof. Others include being different, confidence, entertainment, validation etc.

Perhpaps I should see it this way for awhile. This also got me thinking about the "entry points", e.g., when I enter into a sarging session with my target, I did not set a tone of challenge, I did not set a tone of "screening and acceptance". However, this is slightly contradictory to my initial approach where I am friendly and open.

I have to find ways to accomodate these two together to maximise the effect, to optimise DHV. Of course, it should not only be DHV, but also vibing, probing, connecting simultaneously. Why do one thing while you can do more? Well, there are things that are more appropriate to amp. up later, become the dominating purpose but it should never be absolutly linear.


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