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Saturday, September 02, 2006


I know its against SS to date. But I am...

I don't really know what to think of dating. If you think of dating as a way of getting the girl, it is probably a horrible idea. I guess, to some degree, I am hoping that I can have a chance to *get some* on the back of my mind but intellectually I am telling myself (or rationalising) that I am just having a good time and whatever it is, it will be good. -- is that so bad? Does that sound like a wuss?

I've been dating. I set up a small date last friday and I set up two this week. Both were very good although I did walk out of it feeling empty. I mean, I am getting pissed off at not getting anything but at the dates were good after all, and I didn't "buy" them anythin. Besides, I am getting other chances to meet up with the girls for more fun, it is a good thing right?

So far, my PU training have been on the very early stages of a sarge, ie, pre-approach, inner game, opening, rapport building, comfort building etc. This is a completely different area and it is confusing. I am trying to monitor it using Doc Love's ideas - to make sure she doesn't disrespect me, screen for undesirable behaviours and gauging interest level etc.

At the moment, I am playing really safe here, I am staying in the friends frame, which will put me at risk with the LJBF thing. But I guess thats ok too. I will be able to get what I want out of it even if I get LJBF'ed (I want fun good times with awesome ladies). I can walk away, I have choices! But here is where I am confused - when you date, there will always be time when you feel like you are on the line. That you are confronted to choose a path to walk down. Only very few girls take initiative or that she has extremely high interest level that they will be actively providing opportunities to get intimate with you. An average girl with a modest level of interest just won't do it. YOU WILL HAVE TO DO SOMETHING BOLD. You will have to take her out of that normal zone into the romantic zone. My confusion is, whether I should take that opportunity and make things happen or to walk if they do nothing about it? I did the latter coz its safe...

I really don't know: Feeling like you have to catch that opportunity has scacity mentality, while walking away is wussy rationalisation... What would a PUA do what should I do?



  • At 5:34 PM, Blogger Jimmy Foxx said…

    Things has been hard for me to do in the past, but this year is different. I turned over a new leaf, and became committed to ridding myself of AFC methodologies and mindsets.

    I have found that the hardest part of the PUA implementation has been the most obvious: NO FEAR OF REJECTION. But then again, it's cool to be dealing with this, as it's the most common thing in life! Imagine handling this mother of all insecurites, leaving 90% of all guys eating your dust! Yeah! And besides, women love confidence!

    My old advice would be to "take it slow", and "make sure first" before trying anything. My new advice is to be BOLD like you said, and to hell with rejection! Know why? Because we already know that it's FACT that most women reject most guys - indeed is almost their ROLE to reject guys, since we are often meant to be the pursuers (which I now realise is a pile of CRAP - if a women has high interest in you, she will do the work, and she'll WANT to do the work!).

    So, as long as you remain respectful, apply the Kiss Test. In your mind, you'll be prepared for rejection, but don't let it douse your confidence. After all, you know that you are one hell of a catch, so if she knows what's good for her, she'll want to hang with you! Try to eliminate scarcity mentality by thinking about the 2 other dates that you have lined up (or will line up) next week. Think to yourself "Why not?" and take the lead.

    If she responds positively - sweet! But if she turns her head, or says some line about "not being ready for something like this" - who cares! You are a fine man who appreciates women - she was invited into your reality but now that reality will go to some other woman.

    By the way, I realise it's against SS to date, but I'm not willing to take it that far. Dating has its role. As long as we realise that it's part of a bullshit mating ritual, and it's part job interview, then we partake in it. Why? Because it's important for the woman. Let her have it. She wants to talk, and she also wants to tell her friends about it at work next week. Let her do that. At the same time, YOU get to screen HER. If you're interested, then just concentrate on SS and monitoring (and amplifying) her interest level!

  • At 8:53 PM, Blogger Mimesis said…

    Dating seems necessary, the 6-9 dates over the first 100 days (wow, thats almost a 1/3 of a year). I guess, Doc Love and the art of seduction describes this period. There must be other materials documenting this time period.

    You mentioning "no fear of rejection" reminds me of the concept of "Those who care the least has the power".

    Maybe I should just don't care! Those who are enjoying himself and being himself has the power, perhaps?


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