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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Process of letting go

It is thought that being uptight is bad. Being rigid is bad. Yes, sure it is, but thank god I was uptight and rigid!

In the preface of the book People Skills, Robert Bolton talked about how he had to learn people skills, how he taught himself from being a below average to a very social person. How it is the fact that it is not natural to him that he know consciously what makes things work and what doesn't.

It is the same for being rigid and uptight. If it wasn't for those things I would not have learnt the differences. If not for the history of being uptight, I would not understand the consequences. Without the process of loosening myself up, I would not be able to see the key traits that distinguish between the two.

Just like marshall arts, the more relaxed you are the more flexible you are, the more you are ready to adapt and strike at any moment. You don't waste unnecessary energy, you will be more powerful. Being relaxed in the mind, being flexible in the mind is advantageous, but it is not easy. A structured mind is easy because of the narrowed view you have to deal with but at the expense of flexibility.

In the sarging world though, letting go allows you to open up your perception. Your perception tend to narrow down when you tense up. Why do we need perception? Because we need the flexibility to see things FROM YOUR REALITY! You need to be able to turn anything into something you like, you enjoy and have fun. You are congruent, and composed. Your reality is that you love your life, you enjoy what you do and you make everything fun and awesome. If you have a narrow definition of what is good, a definition that is dependent on the external world, a particular event, morals, the DVD player working or not... You see the problem?

What does that say about you? You are not fun, the movie was, you are not a source of happiness, the girl was entertaining you. What do you think is your value? What have you got to offer? Only when you let go that you can see these subtle things.


  • At 12:53 AM, Blogger Jimmy Foxx said…

    I am always my best when I am relaxed and throw caution to the wind.

    You know one of the most important things I have learned with the PUA stuff? ASSUME RAPPORT! That is so cool. I think back to the times in my life when I did that, albeit accidentally, and I realise that it worked like a charm.

    Now that I know it for real, I will use it! Just go up to that girl and start chatting away to her - if she doesn't talk back then she aint worth it! Much of the time though, you will find that most girls are quite friendly when you come across relaxed and assume rapport....


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