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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Risk vs pleasure

I like Jimmy's comment on pleasure and risk. It is a very realistic analysis of how things usually goes.

When you get as something good - you have to pay for it. And you don't always know the price, you only find out when you actually go through with the process. It is simply a fact of life. However, lets not just see thing from a disappointment point of view, the opposite is also always true! That is, if you pay for something in advance, something good will also come around the corner. Just as well, you do not know how good it is around the corner!

I have been questioning a lot about this risk-benefit thing lately. It seems to be one of the core issues I have with sarging in general. What are we getting out of it? When should we give up? Does it matter what outcome there is? My conclusion so far is to just not care.

We know that if we don't get something we want, thats bad, and that if we get something that we don't want, thats bad. Getting something we want is good. But if we get something that is ambivalent to us, is it good?

Those who care the least, wins - but perhaps, we need to build on our ability to make everything ambivalent, but know how to turn the ambivalent things into something enjoyable.


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