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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sexual secrets for men

I've been reading a book called Sexual Secrets for men by Kerry and Diane Riley. It feels really new age and is completely different from the sarging things I have been reading (I guess a PUA have to be multi-talented eh?). It has a lot of relationship maintenance and does not really encouage "sexing". Rather, it promotes the idea of "love making" and talked about the importance of the establishment of connecting souls (or something like that, and yeah, rather new age).

The introductory chapters tried to establish the idea of the exchange of energies that only comes from commitment, dedication in a deep loving relationship. Then, the book gets into the technicalities of tantric or taoist sex. It opened my eyes up to many interesting concept that I am actually quite skeptical of, and then, there are those that explained a lot of my past experiences. For example, whole body orgasm, ejectulation control with the "PC muscle" etc.

One interesting thing that Kerry talked about was how men are usually conditioned to perform and do not know how to receive pleasure - I can totally identify with that, I actually CANNOT stand receiving but I really never thought about it much. Thinking back in my past relationships, I would get forceful when I approach climax and will overpower the girl, or she will try to overpower me by tieing me up. One failed relationship I had was because I couldn't receive and is denying her control over my sexual pleasures. Oh well, some girls really do give bad *.jobs... :(

This made me realise how ignorant I am with regard to sex. Its definitely worth pursuing after but how? You seems to only be able to do it with a loving partner...


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