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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hero or AFC?

seen in an smh Blog

At first I thought wow, you legend! But then he could have saved a lot of money and time by learning some PUA techniques. He realised in the end that money can buy you sex but not love... gee i don't think you need to Einstein to figure that out :)

Also I wonder if his experience is really true... ? I mean if you were that rich why visit the poor & dangerous countries??

I have been an occasional lurker on this blog for a while now. I cannot resist joining the fray today because of the topic.

I am not sure how all of you will respond to my post. I think I can offer a unique perspective on today's topic.

I was lucky to have a happy childhood with a few close friends and a loving family. I was not popular, and had few girlfriends as a teenager. I went to Uni, then worked for ten years as an Economist at a well known bank. Although I had a well-paying job, I still found it difficult to approach attractive women. I would get too nervous and make all kinds of embarrassing blunders.

It was painful to see co-workers of mine with gorgeous girlfriends, and to hear all of their stories about the things they got up to. I felt like my teenage years were being replayed, and that no matter what I did, nothing would ever change.

On my thirty-first birthday I sold everything I owned and went backpacking around the world. My friends and family, while surprised, assumed it was a belated rite of passage taken by many 20 year olds.

I visited (in order) Bali, Manila, Angeles City, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, Bangkok, Pattaya,

then over to Europe... Bucharest, Budapest, Kiev, Odessa, Prague

and finally South America... Caracas, Cartagena, Lima, Santiago, Rio, Sao Paulo, Recife.

Some of you may already be able to guess the kind of holiday I had planned. These cities are well known as places foreigners visit for cheap sex.

Over three years (one year in each of the regions) I spent just over $300,000 on accommodation, food, travel expenses, and lots of sex.

I experienced just about every calamity that can befall a tourist in a foreign country. Food poisoning in Manilla, extorted in Budapest, beaten up in Kiev, mugged in Rio TWICE, and had my wallet stolen three times.

I also had the pleasure of bedding just over 500 of the most exquisite females to ever roam the earth. Some of them wanted my money and no more, others became my girlfriends for extended period s where no money was exchanged. I indulged in the most passionate, erotic love that any man could ever dream of. I learnt more about women, men, and most importantly, myself, over those three years than I had learnt in my entire life. I sampled just about every physical pleasure known to man - food, drinks, drugs, women. All of these in varied combinations.

I admittedly lied to many women, mostly about my intention to bring them back to Australia with me at the end of my trip. I still feel guilty about this, though at the time, my promises were genuine.

I also met quite a few men enjoying the same kind of holiday as I was. I became well schooled in "monger" ways (code word for sex tourists) about how to avoid the inevitable pitfalls of such journeys. I still keep in contact with many of them, some still remain "out in the field".

My post is not meant to be about re-living my adventures. Only a handful of people (none of my close friends of family) will ever know what my "backpacking trip" was really about. My post is meant to add to the discussion about relationships and money.

I spent three years surrounded by women who wanted money. It was transparent and their was no deception involved. I in turn, wanted sex with beautiful women. The honesty of these interactions to me, seems much more beautiful than the lying and deception that you see in places like Sydney (or any other big city).

I returned from my trip just over a year ago. I no longer fear women. The sight of a dolled up princess walking down Pitt Street, craving attention with a too-short mini makes me smirk. I have a wonderful girlfriend who I began dating three weeks after returning. I had one thousand dollars to my name and she didn't care one bit.

We run a successful business consulting firm and I plan to marry her soon. I will never tell her about my past, and I am not interested in hers. After travelling the world and sleeping with more women than a man like me ever should, I found my true love at the local on a trivia night.

I do not regret what I did. It was the greatest choice of my life. I will make the money back in time, but the memories I made, and the new memories I am making with my new love will last forever.

I have not told people close to me about this because I can't be bothered defending my choice to people who would never understand.

My message to all the men, who throw money around trying to buy love. If it is sex you are paying for, then you are getting a nasty deal. If it is love you want, then put your wallet away, and go play some trivia.

  • Posted by: Quietly satisfied at October 10, 2006 12:43 PM


  • At 7:57 PM, Blogger Jimmy Foxx said…

    Intriguing post, Falcon.

    This guy certaibly got what he bargained for. Unfortunately, he had to spend a HEAP of money to fulfill his dreams. Of course he had sex with 500 georgous women - no doubt there were plenty of threesomes and maybe an orgy or two. But he spent $300,000. Nuff said.

    I suppose it's his take-home message that counts. Money can't buy you love. Not true love anyway. Money can buy you a wife, that's for sure. She sees you as a Provider, even if you aren't a Lover.

    Well, I'd rather be a Lover. I want a woman who wants romance and hot, passionate love-making, a girl who is fun and loyal. She doesn't have to be stunning in the looks department, just attractive to me (say a 7 out of 10). She will have a good attitude.


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