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Monday, October 16, 2006

RL Field report

Last wednesday I got dragged out from my computer into the real world to the Phoenix pub in the city. It took me awhile to get adjusted to RL again but after 2 beers and a road side pepperoni pizza I was there.

The short story: sarged 2 strangers, and a friend of a friend of mine I met ages ago. End result - I got the two strange girls initiated conversations to me (my preapproach and approach invitation work) and walked out of the bar with one.

The experiment was this - Do you remember how sometimes you see this pimp dude or popluar jock type who just walk up to a so girls, hugging them and feeling them and the girls are loving it? And you dont know why or how they get away with it? That was the experiment. The idea was that girls love attention like that, especially the ones that are just out there showing off thier assets. There mind game, drama, incredible experiences. When guys play games to get that thrill, how do girls get their thrills? Definitely not from games. Why do they go out and buy the sexist clothes? Why do they like meeting new people? Being a social butterfly? Coz they get a mightly kick out of it.

Think about it. Do they want to go out to a pub to talk about philosophy? Do they want to go out to make you happy? Are they looking for the best friends they could have in the world? Probably not. Have you ever heard girls talk? "Lets go out and dance, have fun!" "OMG, I met kissed this guy at the bar last night!". I can see it more clearly now. You have to tap into that mindset - if thats what you want. The secret slut thing is in a lot of girls.

Now, this was what I did. I was eyeing every cute girl in the place and I look at them with flirtatious admiration, basically saying "hey sexy, I am gonna perve on you for awhile, yeah baby". 2 seconds or more eye contact. Then I made a lot of noise, I talked to the pawns around them, laugh out loud with my friends. Talk about sex loudly.

I teasted them to make them talk to us. 1st one - She took a tarot deck out. So I turned to the guy next to me and said "hey, u think tarot is bullshit?" I said it quietly deliberately, he said "what" so I had to say it louder. Girl heard it and said to me "you think its bullshit? did you say tarot is bullshit?". The guy next to me jumped at the opportunity to voice his opinion and I started talk to her about reading the cards (Tarot card skills baby!) She was so into it and was reading it for herself and her friends. I was accomodating and got my friends to be involved. It was cool.

But then her hot friend arrived. She was obvioulsy craving for attention. Turned out that the guy next to me knew her. Told me all about her and her jealous boyfriend and how he has the hots for her. She took off her top exposing her cleavage and tats. She wasn't holding back at all. So I made eye contact and after awhile guys are feeling her up and and hitting on her here and there. I feel sorry for her jealous boyfriend. But I was cool about it so I was talking to her and we both laughed at his girlfriend together. She was loving the teasing, the guy liked me too. Later, some fat dude went up to her and started feeling her and her fat friend proceeded to cockblock the guy. Then I told the guy next to me to feel her back where the tat was. He did and she jumped. She turned around to give him an evil look and I said "sorry, it was my fault, I was encouraging him". SHe said ok and started talking to me again. Later I was having curry and she asked if she can join me, we had it with our hands together and we chatted some more

Then a chick I know turned up and she started talking to me. I was on a roll there and I grabbed her into my arms immediately, she rested her head on my shoulder and said "awww" I squeezed her harder and said mmmm, this is nice... Then I was feeling her exposed back from her low jeans, it was nice. SHe had to go back to her friends once in awhile but she kept coming back. bla bla bla, to cut the long story short, I was just fully being physical to her and flirting sexually with my eyes and voice, never words. She likes cuddling with me and that was cool. At the end, she was telling me "hey look, I am going to go home" I replied "ok, BYE!" she went but she came back to talk again... LOL LOL.

So I asked where she lives, hows shes going home and she complied with details. I took her to the cab, went home with her, gave her a kiss and went back to Second Life.... HA HA A HA H HA


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