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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Timing is very important.

Lets think about this for a moment here:

Lets say you are walking down the street and it is a pretty average day. Nothing special, perhaps you are on your way to get some food or something. Then as you are approaching a HB walking towards you from the opposite direction, she gave you the warmest smile, a bit flirtatious and a bit cheeky....

Now, here is the question: How many seconds does it take before it registers in your mind that she just flirted with you? How much time it takes before you even realise you should really smile back?

Ah ha! people dont just react to you immediately, thats the same for them, you sarge, it WILL take sometime to warm up, just keep going at it and u will get there. And that was the first example of the importance of timing. If you can anticipate, take the lead and actually guide her through the seduction process, you will be in control of her reactions easily.

Second: Moments of sexual impulses.

Do you stay horny all the time? like constantly? There must be times, perhaps just a second when you see a girl and you feel like you want to have sex with her, instinctively, no thoughts, no consciousness. You know it, it is physical, it comes from your gut, the animal instinct. They come in pulses. THey come and go, often, fleeting. ANd more importantly, when it gets registered in your mind, you'd talk yourself out of any action at all.

If you can do that, WHY THE HELL NOT GIRLS!?

There will be moments when you are interacting with ANYGIRL that these attraction waves comes in. You have to ride them. Its not what you say, its not what you do. Its about catching on with the energy. You recognise that vibe and if you catch it right, you can pull off amazing stunts! This is an understanding and recognition on sexual tension and attraction! I have been able to detect it and in SL I can pull off asking an almost stranger for sex and will get it. In RL, I didnt dare to try it but I have been able to touch girls when I feel the tension. Keno, thats what its about. Escalating - you amplify their tension by presenting gestures thats saying "its ok to feel that way". You encourage them to feeel that tension more. Until its overwheming. Everything is done on the basis of friendship, total acceptance.

It is important to feel the sexual tension and reciprocate. That is like the most powerful turn on - that you are turning someone else on. But remember, these moments are fleeting and unless you do it with the timing, you dont over do it (timing /doses again) you are going to ruin it.

Holding back too long is a #1 killer, and you know it! you know you missed opportunities. You are so used to making excuses for yourself that you've forgotten you are chronically, clinically avoiding opportunities.


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